Visiting a doctor abroad with your children


Little girl playing doctor with teddyIf your baby is unwell on holiday, and you feel he or she needs to visit a doctor, how confident are you in dealing with a language difference? In many tourist areas abroad, there are english speaking doctors. However, it may not always be possible to see a doctor who speaks english, and so, to give you more confidence, we have developed the doctor's visit translation form.  Our new form is now available in Greek, ready for your sunny greek summer holiday...

Our doctor translation forms are available to download here in PDF form:
Visiting a doctor in Dutch  Visiting a doctor in Polish
Visiting a doctor in French Visiting a doctor in Portuguese
Visiting a doctor in German  Visiting a doctor in Russian
Visiting a doctor in Greek Visiting a doctor in Spanish
Visiting a doctor in Italian  
The form aims to cover the most basic of problems - temperature, rashes, etc. and should not be used in cases of emergency.  In an emergency you should seek immediate help as best you can.  We have further information on emergency help in the "Baby Ill Abroad" sections on the left. 

You can complete your child's medical information on the form before you go on holiday, in particular translating where necessary any unusual allergies.  There are a number of useful translators online including Google's language tools.  If your child is then unwell, complete their symptoms.  When you go to the doctors, you can present the information and the doctor can examine your child.  There is then an area on the form where the doctor can write instructions for any medicines to be taken including how much and how often, and if the baby needs to return. 

The form, of course, won't cover everything, and we aren't saying it'll be easy to take your child to a doctor who doesn't speak your language, but we hope this enables you to get across your child's symptoms to the doctor and for you to be able to understand what to do next.

If you have any feedback on these forms, or any other aspect of our website, then please do send us your thoughts via the contact us page.