Travelling on holiday with baby to Spain

Spain is a wonderful country to holiday in with your baby and children. The Spaniards adore children and they will be welcomed in most places. With hot summers and warm winters in parts, it can be a great destination all year round. Some areas can be too hot in summer for children, so do check the temperatures at your chosen holiday destination before you book.

Map of SpainThe Spanish relaxed attitude to children is most apparent in restaurants where you can take your children out for an evening meal without a second thought. Some restaurants are very baby and children friendly and have menus for children, but most don't. However, there are many traditional dishes that suit young palettes and food is generally not spicy. Paella, croquetas, tortilla (Spanish potato and egg omelette) all make great meals for young children. Eating tapas (small varied dishes eaten shared among all) is really sociable and great for encouraging young children to try new things.

Meal times are around 1.30 - 4 for lunch and 8 onwards for dinner. Although restaurants welcome children, some have few facilities. A travel baby seat maybe useful in case there aren't highchairs available. There may be few baby changing baby facilities so be prepared to change your baby in their buggy. A baby carrier may be useful in more inaccessible towns.


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