Buy Nappies on holiday in Spain

Both Huggies and Pampers (or at least one of them) are available in all supermarkets. Huggies are known by the same brand name as in the UK and Pampers are known as Dodots. Baby wipes (toallitas) are available from huggies and supermarket own brands. Note that they can be highly perfumed. Swim nappies are available in the larger supermarkets like Carrefour.

Useful baby items and translations

Johnson's baby products are available in Carrefour and all supermarkets carry their own brands, though note that they are sometimes highly perfumed.  In case you need to visit a Spanish supermarket for something for baby, here's a list of useful items in English and Spanish.

Baby bottle Biberón
  Bibs Baberos
  Cotton buds Bastoncillos de algodón
  Cotton wool Algodón
  Dummy Chupete
  Nappy Pañal
Potty Orinal
Small scissors Tijeritas
  Teats Tetinas
  Thermometer Termómetro
  Wipes Toallitas

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