When baby is ill on holiday

You can't predict when your baby or child will come down with the latest cold, sickness bug or whatever is the latest illness doing the rounds and you can't stop it happening when you're on holiday. You can however be prepared for it happening. What happens if you forgot to pack the Calpol or perhaps your baby needs to see the doctor? Here we have tried to provide some guidance as to what might be available to you if your baby is unwell on holiday in Spain.  Find information on medicines for pain relief and temperature control, visiting a doctor in Spain including our doctor translation form and emergency help available in Spain.

Pain Relief and temperature Control

Calpol and Nurofen are both available in 5ml sachets which are great for travel. If your baby or child is unwell and you need paracetamol or ibuprofen, here is what is available to you in Spain. Calpol isn't known to be available in Spain.

Apiretal is paracetamol for children but Spanish mothers tend to use Dalsey (ibuprofen) more often. Nurofen (ibuprofen) is available, but be careful with dosing in case it is the double strength version.

Note that medicines aren't not available to buy from supermarkets. You will need to consult a pharmacist. Dose tables should be clear by either weight or age but please do double check the dose before administering.

LindseyinSpain from Tots to Travel tells us that Blevit baby infusion granules are excellent for soothing sore tums.

Visiting a Doctor in Spain

Two toddlers playing with a stethoscopeApply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for all your family before you holiday.  This entitles you to the same level of public health care as Spanish nationals.  Click here for more information on applying for an EHIC.


Your holiday rep or the nearest pharmacy should be able to direct you to a doctors if you need one.  Take your passport and EHIC with you.  Note that the EHIC may not cover all the medical costs and you will require family travel insurance as well.


Download our PDF form for visiting a doctor in Spain with your baby or child.  It is a form that you can use if visiting a Spanish only speaking doctor.  You can complete it with your child's information, symptoms, etc., and the doctor can communicate what, if any, medicine your child needs and any other action needed. 


Out of hours doctors services are at certain 'centros de salud' health centres.  Ask locally for the nearest centre.  Your hotel or nearest pharmacy should be able to direct you.  Take your passport and EHIC card with you.

Emergency Help in Spain

Call 112 for an ambulance, police or the firebrigade. Where possible, ask a Spanish speaker to make the emergency call. If this isn't possible, ask for:
  • Ambulance - ambulancia (am boo lan thee a)
  • Police - policía (poll ee thee a), or
  • Fire brigade - bomberos (Bomb bear ross)


and give your location.

More Information

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