Baby milk on holiday in Spain

baby drinking milk walking in mountain landscapeThere are many brands of baby milk available in Spain, some of which are versions of known UK brands such as Almiron (Cow and Gate), Hipp and Milupa Aptamil (Aptamil).  It can be a little more expensive than in the UK.  You are, of course, advised to check the contents of any milk or food product before giving to your baby.  You can buy mineral water suitable for making up bottles.  See our information on using Spanish supermarkets to be completely ready for the experience.

In the UK: In Spain: Buy it from:
Aptamil Milupa Aptamil Eroski, Hipercor (in El Corte Ingles)
Cow and gate Almiron Pharmacies
Heinz Not known to be available  
Hipp Hipp Hipercor (El Corte Ingles)
SMA Not known to be available
Others baby milk brands available in Spain: Buy it from:
Baby bio El Corte Ingles
Hero Carrefour, Eroski, Mercadona
  Nestle Nidina Carrefour, Eroski, Mercadona
  Pulevez Eroski, Hipercor (El Corte Ingles), Mercadona
We received some fabulous information from LindseyinSpain who works with Tots to Travel over on the Costa del sol.  The farmacias (pharmacies) have a great selection of baby formula milk and one in each town will be open through the night.  All the farmacies have a 24 hour rota posted on the door that will point you in the fight direction.  They will also usually sell soya milk too.

Fresh whole milk is called leche entera in Spain and is available in the chiller cabinet of supermarkets.

Water and Other drinks

The tap water in Spain is safe to drink in some areas, though the taste may differ to that in the UK and different mineral content can cause mild stomach upsets.  Tap water near coast tends to have an extremely high calcium content, so unsuitable for drinking.  It is best to check before you try it.  If in doubt, use mineral water.  If you do use mineral water, use Beyoz or Font Vella or another low sodium one.  Look for types low in 'sodio' or 'Na' on the analysis box on the bottle.  Some labels show babies or baby bottles to indicate suitability for babies.

Baby juice is available from most supermarkets.

Using Spanish Supermarkets

Most supermarkets close every Sunday.  Some open on the first Sunday of the month and bank holidays.  Most are open from 9am until 9 or 10pm.  Smaller shops tend to close for lunch between about 1.30 and 4.30pm. 

You will often need a euro or 50 cents coin to use a trolley. Most supermarkets have trolleys with baby seats.

When buying fruit and veg, you'll find that some items will be ready priced and others require bagging and weighing, either on self service scales or hand them to a centrally placed assistant who weighs them. You will be required to wear the plastic disposable gloves provided when picking up your fruit and vegetables.

In most shops you will be required to hand over photographic identification if you are using a debit or credit card.  Some will not take international driving licences therefore it is best to take a passport.

There is a mix of bag policies so you may have to buy carrier bags at the check out (or take your own of course) but most shops will provide bags.

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