Baby Food on holiday in Spain

Baby eating breakfastBaby food purees in Spain are generally smoother than those in the UK. In the UK 'pieces' are introduced into jars for babies from 7 months, but the equivalent in Spain is for babies from 12 months.  Flavours of purees are less varied than in the UK.  They are available in, very broadly, four main flavours; beef 'tenera', chicken 'pollo', ham 'jamon' and fish 'pescado' (often hake 'meluza').  Purees with pieces are available for older babies. 

Here's are some puree brands and guidance as to where they can be brought.  Of course this list is not exhaustive. 

Baby food in Spain: Buy from:
  Hipp Eroski, Alcampo, El corte Ingles, Hipercor, Opencor, Leclerc, Gadisa, Caprabo, Dinosol, Netto, Consum
  Hero Carrefour, Eroski, Mercadona
Nestle Carrefour, Eroski, Mercadona
Nutriben Pharmacies

*source: search facility for Hipp stockists in Spain.

LindseyinSpain from Tots to Travel tells us that on the Costa del Sol, the supermarkets Supersol, Carrefour and Eroski sell a range of British brands and Heinz is stocked in Iceland supermarket (in Puerto Banus & Fuengirola) along with dettol, johnsons and other familiary baby products.

Snacks for Baby and Children in Spain

Baby biscuits 'galletas' are available.  Seasonal fruit is excellent and raisins 'pasas' make a good snack for older children.  Yoghurts, including baby yoghurts, custards 'natillas', rice puddings 'arroz con leche' and fruit purees are widely available.  'Postres lacteos' are fruit and dairy desserts.

Baby Cereals in Spain

Baby cereals are widely available from brands such as Hero, Nestle and Milupa.  Cereals 'sin gluten' are without gluten and those 'con miel' contain honey.

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