Travelling on holiday with baby to Italy

Italians, like some of their European counterparts, are famously family oriented and so it can be a great place to holiday with your family.  Providing a range of family holiday options, you can choose from medieval Tuscan towns, the beautiful countryside of the lakes in the North or the wonderful beaches along the Amalfi coast and more.  Ignite childrens' imaginations and provide stimulus for babies with ancient buildings, classic paintings and sculptures; all in miniature doses for tiny restless ones of course!

Map of ItalyRestaurants will generally welcome children and you will see Italian families of multiple generations eating together.  Food wise, you'll find a wide variety of meats, fish and dishes such as risotto, as well as pizza and pasta of course.  Children of all ages will be delighted to sample ice-cream from a gelateria.  Mealtimes tend to be from 1pm for lunch and from 8pm onwards for evening meals.

Equivalent baby milks to UK brands are available but can be very expensive.  See below for more information on buying baby milk and baby food on holiday in Italy.

Baby and Child Car Travel in Italy

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