When baby is Ill on holiday

You've probably packed some Calpol just in case your baby is unwell on holiday, but what if you run out, or perhaps it's been a few days and you really feel it would be a good idea to see a doctor. It's a worry knowing what's best when you're away from home. Here we have tried to provide some guidance as to what might be available to you if your baby is ill on holiday in Italy.  Find information on medicines for pain relief and temperature control, visiting a doctor in Italy and emergency help available in Italy.

Pain Relief and temperature Control

You can buy both Calpol and Nurofen in 5ml sachets of their respective products which is great for travel. If you need a top up on holiday if your baby or child is unwell, here's what is available in Italy. Calpol (paracetamol) isn't known to be available but there are a few Italian alternatives including Efferalgan and Tachipirina.  You should consult a pharmacist for medicines suitable for children.  Double check dose tables before you give your child any unfamiliar medicine. 

The availability of Nurofen is unknown.  Nureflex is a brand of ibuprofen available.  Doses are shown by age, so should be clear, but double check before administering and if in any doubt consult a pharmacist.

Visiting a Doctor in Italy

Young girl checks teddy's heart with a stethoscopeIf you apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) for all your family you will be entitled to the same level of public health care as Italian nationals.  Click here for more information on applying for an EHIC.


Your holiday rep, or the nearest pharmacy, should be able to direct you to a doctors.  Take your passport and EHIC with you.  Note that the EHIC may not cover all the medical costs and you will require family travel insurance as well.


If you're worried about taking your baby or to a doctor in Italy because of language difficulties, download our form for visiting a doctor in Italy .  It is a form that you can use if visiting an Italian only speaking doctor.  You can complete it with your child's information, symptoms, etc., and the doctor can communicate what, if any, medicine your child needs and any other action needed. 


Out of hours doctors services are run by 'guarda medica'.  Ask locally for the nearest centre.  Your hotel or nearest pharmacy should be able to direct you.  Take your passport and EHIC card with you.

Emergency Help in Italy

Where possible, ask an Italian speaker to make an emergency call for you.  If this isn't possible, call 112 and ask for:
  • Ambulance - ambulanza (ahm boo lan tsa)
  • Police - polizia (poll its ee a), or
  • Fire brigade - Pompieres (Pomp ee air res)


and give your location.

More Information

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