Baby Food on holiday in Italy

Baby boy eating an appleBaby food in the main is similar to the UK, though some contain meat that has been freeze dried (lio filizzato) but these are labled as such. The main flavours are listed below, but packaging generally show clear pictures of the flavour they contain. The brand Mellin belongs to the same brand group as Cow & Gate and can be found in Despar/Spar.

Translations of flavours available in Italy:
Beef Manzo
  Cheese Formaggino
  Chicken Pollo
Lamb Agnello
  Pork (ham) Proscuitto
  Salmon Salmone
  Trout Trota
  Turkey Tacchino
  Veal Vitello
  Vegetables Verdure Miste
Look out for the more unusual flavours (well for us in the UK anyway) of cavallo (horse) and struzzo (ostrich)!  Don't worry the pictures on the jars clearly show the contents.  There are also many types of tiny pasta to add to purees and sauces for babies.

Note bio means organic in Italy.

Baby food in Italy: Buy from:
Hipp* Auchan, Carrefour, Despar/Aspiag, COOP Esselunga, SMA, Cityper, Comprabene/Il Pellicano, Panorama, Schlecker, Brendolan
Mellin Despar/Spar, Esselunga, Il Gigante
  Milupa Pharmacies
Nestle Pharmacies
  Nipiol Despar/Spar, pharmacies
  Plasmon Despar/Spar, pharmacies
*source: search facility for Hipp stockists in Italy.

Snacks for Baby and Children in Italy

Baby biscuits are called 'biscotti' and make good snacks, as does seasonal fruit available from supermarkets and markets.  Yogurts, including baby yoghurts, desserts of milk and biscuit, pear and ricotta and plain and mixed fruit purees are easily found.  Raisins are called uvas passas.

Baby Cereals in Italy

Baby cereals are widely available and include cereals of maize and tapioca, semolina, multicereals and creamed rice. Cereals non contiene glutine are without gluten and those con miele contain honey.

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