Travelling on holiday with baby to Germany

Germany isn't the first place we think of for family holidays.  However, with its short distance from the UK via ferry or aeroplane and family friendly facilites, it can be a great holiday destination for families.

Germany pin mapRestaurants are generally accessible all day, making it easier to accommodate young children. Most restaurants provide a children's menu, but if there's not one published, do ask as many restaurants will offer small portions off the main menu.

Public transport is excellent and many young children will love the trams and trains in the cities.  It's a great country for outside walking and biking, so bring your waterproofs, hire a bike (and one of a vast array of baby pull along trailers or baby bike seats) and see the great German outdoors.

The supermarkets stock a wide variety of baby foods and baby milk.  See the links below to find where to buy baby milk and baby food in Germany and other helpful information.


Baby milk and Baby food in Germany

Baby milk and other drinks
Baby food; jars, snacks and cereals


Baby and Child Car Travel in Germany

Car seat regulations in Germany


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