Travelling on holiday with baby to france

The short journey across the Channel makes France an ideal place to travel to with your baby and children.  From rural Normandy and Brittany, to the sophisicated French Riviera, skiing in the Alps to Disneyland Paris, France offers many family holiday options.

Map of FranceChildren are generally accepted in restaurants, though it is worth checking first.  Restaurants tend to adhere to 12-2.30 ish for lunch and after 8pm for dinner and you may find it difficult to find one open at other times.

Sometimes access with a pushchair can be difficult, so you might want to consider taking a baby carrier as an alternative, or at least a lightweight buggy that can be carried up and downstairs if required.  See our baby travel gear shop for good buggies for travel and baby slings and carriers.

Baby food is considered generally very good in France and most supermarkets have a good range of meals for toddlers too.  See the links below to find where to buy baby milk and baby food in France and other helpful information.


Baby and Child Car Travel in France

Car seat regulations in France