When baby is ill on holiday

It's a troubling time when your baby or children are ill at the best of times, let alone when you are on a family holiday abroad.  Here we have tried to provide some guidance as to what might be available to you if your baby is ill on holiday.  Find information on medicines for pain relief and temperature control, visiting a doctor in France and emergency help available in France.

Pain Relief and Temperature Control

Calpol and Nurofen both sell 5ml sachets of their products which are very useful for travel. If you don't take any, or need more when you are on holiday, here's what's available in France. Calpol (paracetamol) isn't known to be available in France. A French alternative is Doliprance pediatrique. Nurofen (ibuprofen) is available, but be aware in case it is the double strength version that you buy. A pharmacist will be able to give further advice. Double check the dose tables before administering.

Visiting a Doctor in France

Baby with stethoscope and teddyIf you apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) you will be entitled to the same level of public health care as French nationals.  Click here for more information on applying for an EHIC.


Your holiday rep, or the nearest pharmacy, should be able to direct you to a doctors.  Take your passport and EHIC with you.  Note that the EHIC may not cover all the medical costs and you will require family travel insurance as well.


Download our PDF form for visiting a doctor in France with your baby or child.  It is a form that you can use if visiting a French only speaking doctor.  You can complete it with your child's information, symptoms, etc., and the doctor can communicate what, if any, medicine your child needs and any other action needed. 

Emergency Help in France

Call 112 for an ambulance, police or the firebrigade. Where possible, ask a French speaker to make the emergency call. If this isn't possible, ask for:
  • Ambulance - ambulance (ahn boo larn ss)
  • Police - police (poll ees) or gendarme (john darm - with john prounced like the
  • french jean)
  • Fire brigade - Pompier (Pomp ee aye)



and give your location.

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