Baby Food on holiday in France

baby being spoon fedBaby food, in the main, is similar to the UK with a wide variety of flavours.  Meal options are varied and as well as the usual meat and vegetable combinations, alternatives such as ratatouille, paella and couscous can be found.  The main flavours are listed below.  Brands found in supermarkets such as Carrefour and Intermarche include Bledina (a Danone group brand), Nestle (including Nestle Naturnes) and Hipp.  Meals for older children (18 months +) are also stocked and may provide an alternative in restaurants with limited food options for young children.

Use the HIPP search facility to find where HIPP baby food is sold in France.
Translations of flavours available in France:
Beef Boeuf
  Chicken Poulet
  Cod Cabillaud
  Fish Poisson
  Hake Colin
  Lamb Agneau
  Salmon Saumon
  Turkey Dinde
  Veal Veau
  Vegetables Legumes

Snacks for Baby and Children in France

Baby biscuits 'biscuit' and seasonal fruit are available as baby snacks. Yoghurts including baby yoghurts, fromage frais (petit suisse), cream desserts and plain and mixed fruit purees are plentiful for babies and older children. For older children, raisins are known as raisins secs.

Baby Cereals in France

Instant baby cereals can be found in french supermarkets from brands such as bledina (Danone) and nestle. Cereals 'sans gluten' are gluten free, those described as 'au miel' contain honey and those that say 'sans sucres ajoutés' don't have sugar added.

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