Ski with kids: What do you need to know about Family Ski Holidays?


Toddler skiing in a red ski suitSki holidays are great fun.  All that fresh air and beautiful mountain views.  Perhaps you enjoyed skiing pre children and now you might feel ready to take to the slopes again but this time on a family ski holiday? The children are bound to love all that fun in the snow and what better time to learn to ski than when you're still low to the ground!  If you're in any doubt as to the best time for your children to learn to ski, take a look at our information on kids ski lessons.

We've put together for you information on family ski holidays and what you need to know about skiing with kids to help best prepare you for a fun week on the slopes.

Family Ski Accommodation

Choose from family suitable hotels or the treat of a hosted chalet. Many holiday companies offer full family ski packages that can also include childrens ski lessons and kids clubs.  Check out these hotels and chalets, great for family ski holidays.

Family Ski Resorts

Are you looking for gentle beginners slopes combined with a few more challenging ones for the more 'experienced' of the family skiers? That combined with good family facilities?  Here are some favourite family ski resorts and what they offer to families.

Kids Ski Lessons

 So when is the best time for children to learn and what are the best childrens ski lessons?

Kids Ski Wear

Wrapping the kids up warm to ski is essential.  Check out our kids ski wear guide to ensure they get the most from their ski holiday.

Kids Ski and Snow Clubs

You may want to consider day care for your children in kids ski and snow clubs. They not only provide childcare so that you can enjoy some adult time on the slopes, but also provide opportunity for little ones to have fun playing in the snow.

Family Ski Travel Insurance

Find out why you need specific ski insurance and what you should expect your family ski insurance to include.

Useful Family Ski Tips, Titbits and Advice

Here are some useful bits and pieces of family ski holiday information collected from fellow parent skiers and some titbits we've collated along the way that we hope are helpful for you to know before you ski with your kids.