Ski with kids:  Handy to know tips and advice.  


Girl smiling in the snowHere at BabyAbroad we know that the best advice often comes from other parents.  So here, we would love you to share your tips and hints to best enjoy a great family ski holiday.  Contact us to send us your tips on skiing with a young family to publish here. 

Take Passport photos. You may need enough passport photos for your ski lift passes.  And if your children are attending a kids club, they may need one for their kids ID badges for drop off and pick up.

Glove glove me do. Are gloves the most frequently lost item of kids clothing? Well glove any way, it's usually only the one isn't it?  Try this Manbi Glove Glue from the Outdoor Megastore, it's not actually a glue(!), but an elastic chord that hooks onto kids ski gloves and feeds through your child's coat; glovely.

Stay in contact before you go check that your mobile phone is set up for international roaming. If there's a problem in your child's ski class or child care, they'll need to be able to reach you.

Storing an emergency number In case the worst happens to you or one of your party on the slopes, do program in the appropriate emergency numbers for your resort. Check these with your accommodation when you get there. If you don't have them, someone will need to ski down the mountain to get help for you.

Photo courtesy of Tara Kelly Photography via Flickr