Toddler Travel Toys

We've chosen some of our favourite travel toys for toddlers that will maintain your sanity and their attention on your holiday journey!

The Best Toddler Travel Toys for the journey, bath, beach and more:

With luggage space at a premium, our favourite toddler travel toys are those that you can not only use while travelling, but double up to be used when you get to your holiday destination on the beach or in a restaurant for example. 

We love jigsaws for travelling toddlers.  Choose familiar ones that the children don't use the boxes for and pack them in sandwich bags.  We also take a range of small books and you can get some great Little Library Book Sets from Amazon from all their favourite TV characters. 

And so, here are our favourite toddler travel toys available out there on the world wide web...


Stacking Cups:

And our favourite multi use travel toy has to be the simplest.  These stacking cups from Amazon.  You can count them, talk about the colours, sizes, use them for water play, sand play and oh - did we mention that they stack too! 

These are an inexpensive fabulous option, that doesn't take up much room, but will keep your toddler or young child happy for a long time. Click on the link right to buy them from Amazon.
Tomy Aquadraw Travel Drawing Bag

Travel Aquadraws:

Aquadraws are clever options for children to draw and paint without the mess.  Fill the pens with water and your child can draw on the special mat.  Leave them to dry and the picture disappears ready to use again. 

And now you can buy them in travel form.  Perfect for holidays, on the plane, in the car even, by the pool side, in a restaurant... well you get the picture.

This Tomy Travel Aquadraw from Amazon comes in a neat travel bags.  Click on the link on the left to go to the Amazon site.  You can also find character mini mats, where the characters picture appears when the children draw on the mat.  Amazon have Toy Story 3 Mini Mats and ELC have cbeebies favourite, Chuggington aquadoodle mini mats. Click on the links to be taken direct to the relevant shops.

Colouring and Stickers:

We never travel without at least a pencil and paper.  A colouring book is a great option for travel and you only need a small selection of pencils.  A nifty option are triangular crayons from Amazon; they won't roll off the plane tray!

We do however, love stickers for toddlers.  Any stickers will do.  Simple shapes and a plain notebook make for great pictures that drive little imaginations. Crayola's brightly coloured faces sticker book is good fun and Usborne have a fantastic range available in various themes and they're great value.  You can see their range available at Amazon here: Usborne Sticker Books from Amazon.  Choose your childs favourite theme or something related to your holiday.

Don't forget to buy two so you can slip a different sticker book into the suitcase for the return journey. 


And once you've chosen your toddler travel toys, check out these toddler suitcases perfect for little jet setters to keep their toys in.

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