Kids Travel Toys

Amazon Star Wars Pods: Mini travel toysEntertaining children travelling, is generally easier the older they get.  There's more 'discussion' to be had with them about what to take and not to take of course!  The best travel toys for children are engrossing, small and noiseless!  They probably already have some favourite character toys you can pack in their hand luggage such as Polly Pocket or Star Wars Pods (click left picture to buy from Amazon). Here are our suggestions of our favourite kids travel toys.

Nintendo games for travel

You can't ignore the fact that electronic games are absorbing to children and therefore ideal for long flights, car journeys and waits in the airport. Nintendo DS's make for ideal travel companions and you can take games for a variety of ages.  This white Nintendo DS is available with free delivery from Amazon at just £99.99.  Just avoid games that need the volume up (or take some headphones)! The Professor Layton games are good for children aged 8+.  The puzzles to negotiate are pretty tricky and do get them thinking.  DS Games suitable for younger children include the surprisingly engrossing cooking mama.

Books, books and more books

A holiday is a great time for your child to enjoy kicking back with a good book.  Watch out for motion sickness in the car though!  Pack a few reading options including firm re-read favourites and some new titles.  And think about options for reading out loud too.  Consider maybe a first language book for children if you're off to Spain or France.  You could take a long a notebook for them to complete as a travel journal, sticking in photos and tickets when you get home.  A new puzzle or activity book is a great source of entertainment as well as exercising the grey matter. 

Travel games for children

Pass the pigs from AmazonTravel games are ideal for older children, not only for the journey but for on the beach, or for evening entertainment too.  The small pieces can be very very tiny, so children will need to take care with them especially if travelling with younger children.  Here are our kids travel game suggestions: For the nimble fingered, there's travel battleships, UNO is always popular and little children can join in with it and a hugely entertaining game for all the family is travel pass the pigs

If you have any suggestions for your favourite kids travel games, do please contact us and let us know and we'll add it in here.

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