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Swimming Aids for Children; Floats and Arm Bands

Swimming aids for children give them and you the confidence they need to relax and enjoy your holiday by the pool. We've selected our favourites for you available online.


Our favourite swimming aid for children has to be the Swimfin.  Developed by a UK swimming teacher, children wear it on their backs.  It gives kids learning to swim good stability and buoyancy in the water, but also the freedom to move their arms while learning to swim.  Take a peek over at Amazon, where the swimfin qualifies for free super saver delivery. It's available in 7 different colours including Angelfish Pink, Killer whale black and Goldfish Orange (as seen right).

The swimfin secures with two straps and can be worn over a UV suit or rash vest for safe summer swimming.


Woggles from Amazon ...or noodle, or churro, or whatever you call it!  This long thin float is great for kids learning to swim.  For beginners, you must be in the water with them.  But you can wrap it under their arms, under their bellies or ride it like a horse.  They have the freedom to move their arms when learning to swim and as they get more confident, to be able to start letting go of it.  You can buy them from Amazon, but we'd recommend for your holiday, that you buy one when you get there.  Most seaside resorts sell them at beach front shops.

Swim floats and armbands.

If you're looking for more traditional swim armbands, which can deflate for easier packing on your holiday, then try these swimming aids from Speedo.  They are available from John Lewis in these fab and funky colours.  Click on one of the images below to be taken to the John Lewis store.

When children are confident swimming, they have more fun and when they have more fun swimming, they build their confidence!  To encourage children to have fun in the pool while learning to swim, check out these great fun swimming pool toys.