Childrens suitcases and ruck sacks

Childrens suitcases and travel bags are a fab idea.  Choose a suitcase or back pack for your child that they can carry or pull by themselves, help pack and that keeps them entertained during your journey.  They also make fab presents for the jetsetting child who has it all already!

Trunki Suitcase; fantastic for flying with children

Trixie Trunki SuitcaseOK it's true, we are very much in love with Trunki suitcases.  We've tested our Terrance Trunki to the hilt and we think it is a fantastic product for your toddlers.  Freddie Fire Engine TrunkiYour toddler can ride on trunki and be pulled along.  That really saves your aching arms or reluctant tired little legs when you're often faced with a long walk through passport control to the baggage carousel.  It's only then that you finally meet up with your buggy.  Trunki fits under most airline seats, making it ideal for air travel.  You can choose from the classic Trixie and Terrance Trunki or the fabulous limited editions.  If you want to know more about how good we think Trunki is, take a look at our Blog post 'a real life Trunki love affair'.  Terrance and Trixie, the original Trunki's are great value from Amazon, but our favourite limited edition Trunki is the fabulously fun Freddie the fire engine; complete with .  He's available from Amazon at just £28.66 at the moment!

Little Ruck Sacks for Children

Little Life Ladybird Rucksack from John LewisSkip Hop Owl Rucksack from John LewisPerhaps a childrens back pack would suit if you, if your children want lighter luggage, to be able to carry their own on holiday?  Then take a look at these fun rucksacks for toddlers.  The Little Life ladybird ruck sack from John Lewis (right) looks great and it is super practical too.  Each has an attachable parent strap; great for keeping tabs on little ones in an airport.  Click the pic, to buy from John Lewis.

For a fun, funky design, we love the skip hop ruck sacks.  Find them in John Lewis, where you can choose from the cute monkey or our favourite, the Owl (click left to buy from John Lewis). It also has a rein attached to the bottom for their security and your piece of mind!

A precaution about packing your childs bag for your holiday

It's great fun for children to pack their own case for their holiday, but a word of warning; just make sure you check their luggage before you leave home. The strict airport security rules apply to children too and you don't want to find any surprises that your child has popped into their case when you get to airport security control!