Baby Travel toys

Baby travel toys need to be practical, good value, robust and fun.  With your luggage space at a premium they need to be easy to pack and take with you.  We like baby travel toys that can be used anywhere on your holiday, be it it on the plane, poolside or the beach.  Here are our favourite baby travel toys and where you can find them in stores or on the web.

Clip on Baby Travel Toys

If you're travelling or out and about, you don't want to be searching your bags for toys.  Make sure you have a few clip-on baby travel toys that you can attach to your buggy or your hand luggage handles.  It also stops toys being thrown from the buggy and being left behind!  

We particularly love the Lamaze range.  They're bright, colourful and great value.  We've picked two of our favouites here for you that are both available from Amazon.  Freddy the firefly and the Lamaze Activity Knot.

Travel baby gyms and playmats

When you're travelling, babies still need some play, stretch and rolling around time. But when your hanging around an airport, it's not easy. 

It's a good idea to take a travel baby gym, like this one from Infantino, or a playmat that can be folded into your hand luggage.  This travel playmat from Lamaze is ideal for on the go, or at your holiday accommodation.  It's a good price at under £15 too.  You can click the links on the right to buy either from Amazon.

Clip on baby books for Travel

Clip on books make great travel toys for babies.  You can attach them to your buggy in the airport, or your change bag to make sure they don't go astray en route. 

And on the aeroplane, attach them to the seat belt as we all know what fun babies find the "throw it on the floor for mummy to pick up game"! There are many choices in the market for books with clips on.  Here are two options on the right that we like