Accessories to help baby sleep on holiday


Getting baby to sleep on holiday is so important for you to all be able to relax and enjoy your holiday.  If your baby sleeps well on holiday, then they'll be able to enjoy their awake time better and if baby sleeps well, so do you! We've searched out our favourite travel products for helping baby sleep on holiday, covering:
 - how to darken your baby's room on holiday
 - sun protection buggy covers for baby napping on holiday
 - bed guards to stop children falling out of bed on holiday, and
 - mosquito nets for travel cots

Getting the room dark for your baby on holiday

Some babies happily sleep in a light room, but if your baby usually sleeps in a dark room then this will be an issue for you on holiday.

Late sunsets and early sun rises may disturb your baby's sleep.  Many villas in sunny spots, have shutters to completely block out the light, but not all do.  Try checking with the accommodation what curtain coverings you have. 

We've all tried blankets and towels at the window, or, somewhat unsuccessfully, tin foil (what tiny amount of light did get in, was magnified by the foil!!).  So, to be best prepared, try a travel blackout blind that fits too most windows (to a maximum size of 130 x 200 cm) and hopefully prevent those dawn chorus wakings.

Snoozeshade For baby napping on holiday

On holiday, your routine of course changes in that it doesn't always suit your holiday for baby to take naps back at your accommodation in their cot.  You may want your baby to nap in the day in their buggy outside while you're on the move. 

Not only is light a problem for them sleeping, but of course the UV rays are too.  We've all tried pegging muslins or t-shirts over the buggy, but they never quite do the job do they?

Well, the Snoozeshade buggy blackout blind is great for baby sleeping out and about on sunny days.   It not only makes a nice dark environment for napping, but it has a sun protection factor of 50+. It's available from Amazon and qualifies for free delivery.

Preventing your child from rolling out of bed on holiday

If children have just moved to a cot bed, or bigger single bed at home, it can be strange for them to sleep in a different bed on holiday and they may have problems getting disoriented and falling out of bed which is distressing for both them and you. 

The Tomy bed guard comes with great customer reviews for it's excellent use in stopping children from falling out of bed.  However, many do say the instructions aren't clear, so if you go for this bed guard, do make sure you've tried it at home before you go on holiday!

An alternative are these "Dusky Moon Dream Tubes".  They are inflatable tubes that, with a special bed sheet, form a guard on both sides of the bed.  Being inflatable, you can fold them down into your suitcase too.

Both of these bed guards are available from Amazon.  Click on the images to be taken to the Amazon site.

Mosquito Nets for Travel Cots

If you're travelling abroad or staying near water, it's of course a good idea to protect children from insect bites. Mosquito nets for travel cots fit over the whole cot.  They don't disturb the baby, but will keep them safe from bugs. 

This Baby Dan Travel Cot mosquito net is available from BabySecurity via Amazon with a £2.99 delivery cost. It fits most standard size travel cots.