Travel Potty, Travel Toilet Seats and Car seat protectors for potty training on holiday

Potty training doesn't stop when you go on holiday.  If you find yourself midway through potty training when you are about to travel, take a peep at this fantastic travel potty.

Potette travel potty and toilet seatIt's a Potette combined travel potty and toilet seat
We've taken a look at a number of travel potties and toilet seats for children.  With many, mums say they are often too flimsy, resulting in their child feeling unsafe, or slipping down into the toilet! 

This one, however, gets fabulous reviews from parents who have used both the potty and the travel seat and found it strong enough yet convenient to pack away for use on the go.  It's great value, and available from John Lewis.  You can order it online and have it sent to a store to pick it up to save on delivery costs.  Click on the image to the left to place an order with John Lewis.

Waterproof Car Seat Protector

Another problem when toilet training and you have a long journey ahead of you, is what if you can't get to the services in time when your child needs to go to the toilet?

We are all recluctant to put our children in nappies just for a journey, and once they've got used to not wearing one, our children don't always feel comfortable going back to them either.  This Dry Seat waterproof protector is a car seat liner available from Amazon might be the answer.  It slips inside their car seat to keep the seat dry in case of any accidents.