Baby Pop up travel cots

Kiddicare Sun and SleepTrying to ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep on holiday is the key to relaxation for you and an enjoyable time for them.  Travel cots are often supplied in hotels or for self catering holiday accommodations, but if they aren't you'll have to take yours with you.  Unfortunately many airlines charge you to take travel cots, so a good alternative is a pop up travel cot.  Pop up travel cots are light, convienient and easier to carry around than a standard travel cot.  Not as large as a travel cot, they tend to be suitable for under 18 months old.  But if your baby frequently stays with grandparents or you travel often, you'll get your money's worth. 

One of the best ranges we've found is from Koo-Di at Kiddicare.  Their range includes the Sun and Sleep Travel cot (left) which also has UV screening so if you are in the situation where your child needs to lie outside (nb always in the shade) then they have the added protection.

Kiddicare Koo di Pop up BassinetThey also have a smaller pop up bassinet for babies 0-6 months (right) at a highly reasonable £25

Click here for more information: Koo-Di at Kiddicare