Travel boosters, harness seats and portable high chairs


We love travelling abroad and one of the great benefits is spending family bonding time eating together.  It's a chance to try new foods and spend quality time chatting about the holiday; what you've enjoyed so far and what you plan to do next.  When you try new foods abroad, your children will copy you and become more adventurous in their tastes.

If you're not sure that there will be food suitable for your child, take some of your own, but do encourage them to try some of yours.  When they try something, even if they don't like the food, do praise them for trying it and suggest maybe they might like it when older.

Sometimes restaurants in holiday resorts either don't have high chairs or the ones they do, don't have straps to keep your baby safe.  It's a great idea to take your own portable high chair or baby chair harness and then you take the stress out of wondering what to do.  Here are our favourites, available via Amazon:

Booster Feeding seats: