Baby Travel Cots

Travel cots are a great buy.  Not only can you take them on holiday (check your airline's policy on putting a travel cot in the hold as extra baggage) but they are handy for trips to friends and family, either for over night stays or a quick nap. 

They are designed to be lightweight and easy to put up and take down again (just make sure you read the instructions first!). 

And not only are they great for sleeping, but when you're on holiday, they make a great play pen too, keeping your little one safe in an unfamiliar environment.

If you prefer the idea of a pop up travel cots, we've got some of those for you too.

We've picked a few of our favourite travel cots available online.  There's the fantastically well priced cot from Red Kite via Amazon (see image on right).  A bargain at just £27.  Amazon customers praised it for it's great value, sturdiness and the ease with which they could put it up and down.

Kiddicare Travel Cot YellowKiddicare Travel Cot, RedIf you like something a bit funkier, how about these brightly coloured beauties from Baby Weavers at

At the time of searching, they were at the bargain offer of 70% off, so do take a peep and see if they still are!

Travel Cot from KiddicareAnd the pick of the bunch looks-wise is this gorgeous travel cot from kiddicare.  It's beautiful, natural design gives a peaceful feeling, perfect for a restful snooze.  It was a fantastic £20 off when we found it.  Click on the image (right) to find out more from