Baby Slings and carriers

Baby Slings and carriers are so useful for travel on city breaks, when sometimes the pathways are not so buggy friendly, or in the countryside when out walking.  And on aeroplanes, you can have your baby ready in the sling so that you can put your buggy down near the steps to be loaded into the hold and and carry baby safely up the aeroplane steps. 

And, there's that awful time when your buggy is in the hold, but you know you're not going to get it back until the baggage carousel.  That means walking with your babe in arms from the aeroplane through passport control which can often have long queues, before being reunited with your buggy and your suitcases.  Here's a selection of our favourite baby slings and carriers.

ERGObaby Carrier

ErgoBaby Carrier from John LewisThe Ergo carrier is super popular, and it's because it's so comfortable for carrying your baby and is designed with the development of your baby's spine in mind.

Suitable for use from birth/ 3.2kg (with the Ergobaby Heart 2 Heart infant insert) or 5.5kg - 20kg without.  It allows you to carry in 3 positions; front, back & hip.  Reassuringly, the Ergo baby Carrier comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Please note that there are many fake Ergo Baby slings on the market which, other than being fraudulent, are not as a high a quality than the orgiinal Ergo Baby.  The black one shown here (left) is authentic and is available at John Lewis (an approved ErgoBaby seller).  Click the image for more information.

Littlelife Baby Carrier for long walks and rambles

If you're taking your baby further afield and are looking for a carrier for walking.  Consider this carrier from Littlelife (right).

The child seat is anatomically shaped and has a soft face protection pad.  There are  toy loops for clipping toys to (very useful!).  The large pack pouch is very handy for carrying bottles, wipes, etc and there's is an additional base pocket.  And very convenient is the pouch on the waistband where you can put money, cards or a phone. 

Although there is no stand, there's an anchor point where you can place your foot to keep your child safe when seated in the carrier, but not on your back.

Baby Wrap

Of all the baby wrap style slings available via Amazon, the Moby Wrap gets by far the best customer reviews. 

They are for use from birth to 30lbs and are designed for you to carrier your baby very close to you, for your and their comfort and security.  Click on the link (left) to buy it in the fabulous pacific colour shown. 

Or here for more colours, and some very gorgeous photos of Amazon customers wearing their Moby Wraps.