baby Travel change bags

As a parent, your change bag becomes so important to you.  It's stuffed full of all those things, you always need for your baby, those you might need, and of course there's the stuff you really don't need, but you still carry it anyway!. 

Bababing Day Tripper from John LewisWhen it comes to choosing a change bag for travel, we look for ease of carrying, unisex design (dads are as likely as mums to be carrying the change back on holiday), lots of pockets to be able separate what you need for when and therefore, can retrieve with minimum fuss. 

Here's a great travel change bag for light travel when you don't want to take your usual mammoth capacity bag (see right).  It's the Bababing Day Tripper from John Lewis. Neat, well made and compact, it comes with a detachable bottle holder and a travel change mat. It's priced at a highly reasonable £40. Click the image right to purchase from John Lewis.

The ultimate travel change bag is flexible.  This bag (left) from Babymule is just that and has won many awards for its very clever design. 

It can interchange between a messenger bag or rucksack, which is perfect if you need your hands free to help little ones with aeroplane steps, etc.  The hideaway buggy clips enable you to clip it securely to your buggy too.  It's so practical with 180 degree zips, 6 secure pockets, a portable changing pouch, bottle holder and a zipped mess bag.  It's made from wipe clean, water resistent fabric and has a 22 litre capacity. 

We also love the red version, but maybe the grey one (pictured left) will also appeal to dads!. 

Or, what if you already have a favourite travel bag, you could turn it into a baby change bag, with this fantastically simple yet brilliant idea. 

It's an organiser that you can slip into any bag to use it as a change bag.  With space for bottles, nappies, etc., you don't need to buy a special change bag for travel.  Clever eh?