Feeding baby abroad: Travel bottle and food warmers


Taking a baby on holiday, presents a number of challenges.  And one of those is feeding on the go. 

Other than it's well known benefits, breastfeeding is of course the most convenient way to feed babies on the go.  If you are travelling to a country where you aren't so familiar with their attitudes towards breastfeeding, you could consider a breastfeeding scarf that you can pop around your neck, but you can still maintain eye contact with your baby.  Some can get a little warm, so you could consider taking a smaller cotton sheet to tie around your neck instead. 

Bottle feeding on holiday

For babies who are content with room temperature milk.  You can sterilise your bottles, pour hot water in to the bottle and leave to cool.  Take your formula milk with you in a suitable container and just add it to the water when your baby needs it.

If your baby prefers warmed milk, try one of these nifty travel gadgets for getting juniors milk to the right temperature.  There's the resuable pouch from Prince Lionheart.  You just need to click a button to start the chemical reaction and the pouch heats up.  You'll need to be able to put into boiling hot water at some point to reuse it.  Click on the link left, to buy from Amazon.  The Tommee Tippee bottle warmer comes with rave reviews form over 100 Amazon customers who felt it better to take this along, particularly in restaurants etc, where they don't always give you enough water, or their health and safety regulations don't allow them to.

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