UV Sun Hats: Legionnaires and Bucket Styles

A UV sun hat for children is such an important as part of their sun protection.  Look for hats made with material that gives total sun protection.  Children tend to play on the sand with their heads bent over so it's important that the brim not only shades their eyes, but protects their necks too.  The legionnaires style hats are great for covering their necks.

We know not all children like to wear hats, but do what you can to get them to wear one.  Maybe if mum or dad is wearing one too, it'll appeal more?  Or get them to help choose a design or colour they like.  Here's a few that we like:  

There's the highly practical Legionnaires hat from Konfidence at the Konfi-Store (via Amazon) with it's neck protection.  It's available in pink and dark blue too. 

The neck protector gives good sun protection especially when your little one is playing on the beach in the sand.  The snug fit means they can wear them in the swimming pool too.

How funky is the "ray" bucket hat from I Play Mod? (via Amazon, click on the image on the right).  We love this one and their "grasshopper" design too.

Also from I Play Mod is the gorgeous lollipop hat in green, with a huge wide brim. 

And finally, we had to include a girlie pink one didn't we?  You can't get pinker than this bucket hat from Splash About (via Amazon), see left, for your "twinkling star".

You can read lots more in our information on sun protection for children.  Take a look too and these UV sun protection swimsuits.