Fun Swim toys for children


If you have a swimming pool at your holiday accommodation, it's a great for improving your children's confidence in swimming as well as being a great way to burn off excess energy.  We think the best way for this to happen is to make the swimming fun.

You can play games together, sing songs in the pool and have a good splash.  As children get more confident and older, you can introduce swim toys.  Patting a plastic ball along the surface or the seal flips (see below) is good fun for very little children (held either in your arms or in a swim float seat).  If the pool has a shallow end, you can place dive sticks or rings just under the water for them to reach for, progressively placing them slightly deeper until they have to dip their heads under to get to them.  Don't rush them too quickly.

The dive sticks are great fun for older children who are strong swimmers, able to surface dive to collect them.  Challenge them to collect more than one at a time and gradually place them further apart.  The clams from zogg are a variation and great fun too.  Older ones can dive for them and little ones can use them along with the seal flips as bath toys at the end of the day!

And finally, don't forget goggles.  If children are diving into the water all day, their eyes may get affected by chlorine.  Goggles also help them spot the dive sticks better.  These little comet ones from Zoggs are a great price and come with great reviews for their fit and robustness (fit aged 0-6 years).

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