Planning a baby and child friendly holiday

Travel with children can broaden their horizons, give you good quality family time together and at times be a stressful nightmare.  Here we've put together our advice on baby travel together with some extremely helpful tips from parents.  Starting first with planning your holiday. If you want to send us your tips, thoughts and advice to share with other parents then we'd love to hear from you.

Where to holiday with a baby and children

Baby Holding Map of BarcelonaYou've decided that you need a family break together, and now you've just got to decide where to go.  If you've travelled extensively pre children, then you'll have a good idea of what is and isn't suitable for your baby.  Moreover, we feel that the holiday that is most appropriate for you, is the one where you feel most comfortable and are going to enjoy together.  If you haven't holidayed far and wide before, perhaps try family friendly Spain or Italy with just a short haul flight and lots of toursity areas to chose from they are ideal for children. Or if you fancy being more adventurous, get the whole family trying something new together, perhaps skiing?


Family Friendly Holiday ideas

You can get plenty of family friendly ideas from our holiday reviews. You can get a parents eye view of a variety of holiday locations and types.


And, once you've decided where to go, get the kids involved. Use the internet to find photos of your location and get them talking about the new things they'll get to try. Take a  tips from BabyAbroad reader Jester.   He says:


Parent tip from Jester "its all an adventure. Get them involved from the start and you never know where it's going to go. From talking about where you're going, looking at pictures in books or on the internet and talking about what they might like to do there. From this we've had maps out, talked about countries & languages, looked at how planes work and all sorts (you try answering 'why is the world round' for a 3 year old). Then when it's time to go (and of course they've been counting down so its maths & calendars time) they each have their own mini suitcase to pack so have to think about what clothes they'll need for the week and other things they'd like to take."


What next? Preparing for your baby friendly holiday

When you've decided where you're going, do check out our blog post Baby Travel Check List, for a list of things you need to do ahead of your holiday with a baby.


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