Baby and child travel information

Holidays with baby and children need a little more planning than your holidays from those prechildren days.  Here you can find baby and child travel information that we hope makes that planning a little easier.

Mother throwing young son in the airBaby and Children Travel Tips

Read and share travel tips on flying with babies and more. You can find advice from BabyAbroad as well as helpful tips from other parents, such as this top tip
from Sarah_A: Worried about how your little one will sleep in a new place? Take a favourite duvet cover with you – Tom was amazed that “my hulk bed” followed him all the way to the seaside!  Read more tips...

Baby and Child Passports

Applying for a baby or child passport and how to get that elusive baby passport photo.

Family Travel Insurance

Are you wondering if you need to buy family travel insurance before you go on holiday? Read advice as to what your travel insurance should cover.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

The EHIC entitles you and your family to medical care on holiday.  Read our EHIC information on what it is and how you can apply for it for your family.

Flying with Baby and Children

Find out about flying with a baby, the rules and regulations. Read about when you can fly with a newborn, the UK security rules on taking milk and food onboard the plane and which airlines have baby friendly policies.
And, for keeping your sanity, all the other tips and advice we have about flying with a baby such as what to pack, booking and buggies, all to keep you stress free.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Locate

Here you can find out what the FCO Locate service is and how you can apply.