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Mum throwing her toddler in the airYacht Club Resort, Disney World from Sarah_A, Aug 2010

Holiday Type: Adventures and Thrills
From: Sarah_A

Was Disney World, Florida good for the kids?:

Disney World? Oh yes!!

How was your  accommodation at Disney World?

Type: Hotel
Name: Yacht Club Resort

How was the Yacht Club Disney World accommodation for the children?:

Accommodation suitability for children rating: 5 stars

This was a great resort to stay at with a toddler, mainly due to the swimming pool. One is styled as a beach, a sandy bottomed pool that is no deeper than 3ft anywhere, and with no sudden drops. We spent several mornings / afternoons relaxing there (as well as one evening), and it was a really safe place for our 34 month old to play in the water. The hotel room itself was very nice, with two king size beds (although he still managed to fall out of his the first night!) Given the busy days we had, we were all going to bed pretty much the same time anyway. We had a lovely balcony overlooking the lake, so on the couple of nights we were awake enough to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening we could sit out there and talk without waking Tom. The resort is really nicely placed, a walk to Epcot, boat ride to Hollywood Studios, and no more than 10 minutes on a bus to anywhere else.

Did you eat out with your children in Disney World and how was it?

Eating out for children rating: 5 stars

What we spent on dinner we made up for in crayons… EVERYWHERE you eat in Disney the kids get a drawing pack to keep them entertained, and we came home with hundreds of the things. Booster seats and high chairs galore, and of course the staff were friendly and chatty with the children (without being too pushy on the couple of occasions when Tom was tired and not in the mood). From the local diner to the Disney ‘Signature’ restaurants, children of any age are made to feel welcome. I was a bit concerned that we were going to spend the week feeding Tom junk, but actually there was a reasonable range in most places, with grapes or carrot sticks available as options. Of course, getting a toddler to eat a banana when there are mickey mouse waffles available on the buffet table is not the easiest thing to do. The hotel next door (Beach Club Resort) had a deli counter, so we often bought lunch of turkey subs or the like there and ate in our lovely air conditioned room. There was a snack bar by the pool which was very useful, and the kids meal came packaged up in a beach bucket with a spade, so the fun went on!

How were the things to do for the children at Disney World?

Activities for children rating: 5 stars

We bought the open access park tickets, and did different activities in the morning, afternoon and evenings (with a sleep over lunchtime!) So we covered:

Animal Kingdom – Tom loves animals so this was a great one, the Safari adventure ride was excellent for him (and I got some great photos). Our mistake here though was taking him ‘A Bugs Life’ 4D show – we thought he would be ok as he really enjoyed the superhero 4D show in Madame Tussaudes – but of course this was a different scale! He was terrified bless his heart, one to avoid with toddlers (and actually another little girl came out crying after us, and she must have been about 7, so not for the faint hearted!!)

Disney Hollywood Studios – Toy Story fans must come here! We saw Buzz, Woody and the soldiers although again, Tom hated the actual ride – all very noisy. Tom loved the very tame Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area, so that was a handy place for one of us to stay with him whilst the other went on a ride!

Blizzard Beach Water Park – Or as Tom called it, ‘Lizard Beach.’ We only went here once, but had the hotel pool not been so good we would have gone a few times. The ‘little tikes’ area was fantastic, lots of shallow water with fun slides suitable for toddlers.

Epcot – a little bit more for the grown ups, but the Nemo ride was great. AGAIN Tom wasn’t a fan of the dark queuing area and then the very noisy ride but he spent AGES looking at the giant aquarium on different levels; he was fascinated by the sheer scale of it.

Downtown Disney – Basically a massive shopping area, I was worried that Tom would get bored but he loved looking at all the toys, and the staff are very happy for children to pick toys up and play with them in the shop. Tom’s favourite request actually became “Mummy, I want to look at more toy story stuff in the shop.” We went here late one afternoon and didn’t leave until gone 11pm.

Hubby and Tom enjoyed some bonding over the HUGE video game arcade (entry cost about $50, but it is on the multi park ticket so we got in for free, and all the games are free too).

Magic Kingdom – We went here twice, once in the day and once in the evening. Mickey’s ToonTown Fair was a great place for Tom to play, various playgrounds and a couple of toddler sized rollercoasters. Our last evening the Magic Kingdom was open until 2am, so we were there from about 5pm until midnight. A great time to go, it was busy, but we didn’t queue any longer than 20mins for anything. Tom loved the Aladdin ride, Dumbo ride and playing on the various play areas dotted around.

Thanks to BabyAbroad for all the tips I got, the best was definitely to take a buggy – absolutely essential, even though Tom doesn’t often use it these days.

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